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The joke at the Asylum is that "We have more 3D printers than 2D printers."

Yes, but sometimes you do need to make a printout, scan or copy a document.

Printmonster, a standard Ubuntu box, located in Building 8, has a flatbed scanner, as well as a 2D black and white laser printer, and a 2D color printer. Printmonster also has speakers and a microphone.

The 2D black and white, and the 2D color printer are on the internal Artisan's Asylum network. In order to keep the machines in paper and toner, prints made on the black and white laser printer are $0.05 per side, and on the color are $0.25 per side.

For bigger print jobs, you can go to the UPS store, on Somerville Avenue, which has extensive printing capabilities.

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