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Black Cat Labs Laser Cutter
laser cutter

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Tool SpeciesLaser Cutters
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LocationDigital Fabrication (laser area)
OwnerArtisan's Asylum
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Regis noticed the new laser cutters aren't documented so she made a page and will fill it in unless someone else does first. (7 feb 2018)

There are four laser cutters from Black Cat Labs, one of which can be equipped with a rotary tool. The bed size for cutting is 900mmx600mm. Tubes in all four are 90W CO2 lasers. Do not operate at full power - it puts excessive stress on the tube.

The three flat-only cutters are in the reservation system as Bengal, Bombay, Calico. The laser cutter with a rotary tool is in the reservations system as Siberian.

Lab layout (obsolete since the Asylasaur is gone):


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