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MultiCam MT510 Mill

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Tool SpeciesCNC Gantry Routers -- MultiCam
(Includes rubric, training information, and testing information.)
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LocationMachine Shop
Owner Drew Van Zandt
Rob Darman
Doug Ruuska
Blake Courtney
Edison Gieswein
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The MT510 itself is set to a fixed IP address via its configuration menu. The controlling CPU uses DHCP, but the DHCP server always assigns it the same IP address based on its MAC address. Both are connected to the net via the WRT54GL above the table; that access point also serves the shop QuickStation via a long cable running off to the right. It's that access point which actually gets everything in the shop onto the wireless net and hence on our network. Do not disconnect it or turn it off, or the mill will come off the net. If that happens, the SolidWorks installation on the mill CPU won't be able to start up, because it uses a floating network license. Note that even a brief disconnection (a minute or two) will cause the HSMWorks floating license to fail, causing HSMWorks itself to close, even if the rest of Solidworks is still up.

Places to Grease

  1. Tool changer lower linear bearing
  2. Tool changer upper linear bearing
  3. Y axis (gantry) left lower slide
  4. Y axis (gantry) left upper slide
  5. Y axis (gantry) right lower slide
  6. Y axis (gantry) right upper slide
  7. Z axis (vertical) left lower slide
  8. Z axis (vertical) left upper slide
  9. Z axis (vertical) right lower slide
  10. Z axis (vertical) right upper slide
  11. Z axis (vertical) ball screw raceway
  12. X axis (table) ball screw raceway
  13. X axis (table) rear left slide
  14. X axis (table) rear right slide
  15. X axis (table) front left slide
  16. X axis (table) front right slide


Note the time for the cutting; cost for cutting is $5 per use, with $20/hour of spindle time, rounding up to 5 minute time intervals ($1.67/every 5 minutes). So, if you cut a part that takes 4 minutes to cut, that's $5 + $1.67 = $6.67. If you cut 5 such parts, the total cost is $5 + 20 minutes of spindle time, or $5 + $6.67 = $11.67.

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