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Audio / Visual "Shop"

The Asylum audio / visual virtual "shop" coordinates audio / visual systems for MPR1, the social area, and elsewhere within the Asylum, or for an Asylum presence at off-site events. If you need to to arrange for equipment or don't know how to use the pre-installed gear, please contact Dr.Claw at

MPR1 System

  • Projection-painted wall "screen"
    • 16'×9'
  • Projector
    • Inputs next to screen:
      • HDMI
      • VGA input
    • FoH position inputs:
      • HDMI
      • Composite Video (1x RCA)
      • Component Video (3x RCA)
      • (These inputs are currently coiled up in the ceiling)
  • Audio System
    • Broken down and being reconfigured and reinstalled
    • ETA for full system rebuild - End of November 2018
      • Contact Dr.Claw if you need audio equipment between now and then.

Social Area System

  • Pull-down projection screen
  • Projector
    • Inputs:
      • HDMI
      • VGA
      • These inputs are both connected to the "HDMI 1" input on the projector via a conversion box.
      • There is also a passive VGA switch and a passive HDMI switch for swapping back and forth between two inputs.
  • Audio
    • Powered speakers x2
      • Plug into the speaker on the right side of the screen, the one on the left will mirror its input.
      • If you need to borrow a speaker for a short term event and cannot get ahold of A/V staff, please borrow the LEFT speaker and return it when you are done with it. Thanks!


  • Pull-down projection screen
  • If you would like to help install a permanent system in MPR2, please contact Dr.Claw.
    • Planning will begin in mid-November 2018

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