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This shop is where we have some of our tools specifically to go from computer models to fabricated items.

  • 3D printer: High precision 2 material printer that works in ABS. It makes parts that are about 80% as strong as a lego which is made of the same plastic. One of the tools that has a scheduler so projects are completed without interruption. It’s going to primarily be the 3D Printer, one of probably 20 in the building is our shared one available for us as members. Printing plastic into any shape you design.
  • Asylarsaur: 110 Watt Laser Cutter with a 2’x4’ workspace based on an open source project plan and was built by the community.
  • Epilogue Helix
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • We are looking forward to bringing on a CNC Foam Cutter and our next project will probably be a CNC wire bender!

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