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Fiber art refers to fine art whose material consists of natural or synthetic fiber and other components, such as fabric or yarn. (Wikipedia)

The Artisans Asylum Fiber Arts shop maintains an inventory of domestic and industrial sewing machines, tools and supplies, and some materials. We also host classes and a Fiber Arts social night.

Classes and Events

See the current list of Fiber Arts Events & Classes here. (page in progress)

Register for classes on the website here: current class list for current listings.

Fiber Arts Social Nights

Every Second Thursday, 6pm-8pm

Come hang out and play with fibers at Artisan’s Asylum! This one night of the month, come in and use our fiber arts equipment machines and space for FREE. Learn basic knit and crochet skills in traditional and unconventional fibers, exchange materials, get guidance from experienced quilters, costumers, and crafters, or just bring your own projects to work on in the company of like-minded makers! No registration required, just show up! Join the Fiber-Arts@ mailing list for event updates and to connect with attendees and organizers.

Shop Rules

  • remove jewelry on hands- rings and bracelets
  • restrain hair
  • do not leave machines on and unattended or while changing thread and needles
  • no food or drink
  • if you are unsure of what you are doing stop *immediately* and ask for help
  • if the machine sounds abnormal *stop now*
  • clean up and put things away when you are finished
  • leave bobbins in the machine
    • part of cleaning up is putting a bobbin back in the machine
  • there will be different policies for the sergers and coverlock
  • iron safety training is required because the iron is DANGEROUS
  • if pins and needles are dropped, pick them up immediately, we have a magnetic broom
  • fabric scissors are for thread and fabric *only*


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