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Multipurpose Room 2 (the TARDIS) is combined classroom and work space, with the space loosely divided between the two roles. The side with the whiteboards should be left setup (at least vaguely) for class, and the other side should be left neat with easy access to the permanent equipment in the room.

The space is available as first-come first-served work space when there is no class or other reserved use scheduled. One of the primary uses is for fabric arts, and this kind of work has priority for the space, and other uses should be consistent with the need to maintain the cleanliness appropriate for fabric work. The room should be left with a swept floor and tables should be wiped down.

The large blue tables and the red workstations are available for use but must be left clean flat and smooth. If glue is used, the tables must be protected from spills.

The shelving on the side is reserved for class material and tools as well as some Asylum storage.

Any storage use must be cleared with Asylum staff or the shop lead, and must be appropriately tagged by said staff or lead.

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