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In case of emergency, call 911. Our address is 10 Tyler Street, Somerville MA 02143


Looking out for each other in the shop and the labs and considering the importance of other people's safety while you, or they, work is very important. If you see someone working in an unsafe manner, advise them that you think they are being unsafe and offer advice if you can. There are not necessarily lifeguards in this pool, but you can and should act as one when you can.

Safety is not just about physical injury. For information about how to treat each other to make this a safe space, please see the Membership Agreement.

Safety Equipment

Emergency Eyewash Stations

There are four emergency eyewash stations located in the building. Two are large units that use cartridges and two are small units which use bottles. Both cartridges and bottles are sealed and must be replaced after use. Please familiarize yourself with these eyewash stations before you need to use them by watching this training video. There is no cost associated with using eyewash stations in an emergency, so do not hesitate to use them if necessary. After use, please e-mail maintenance@ so the cartridges/bottles can be replaced as soon as possible.

Having a nonworking eyewash station is more dangerous than having no eyewash station at all. For this reason, if you trigger an eyewash station for anything other than emergency use, you will be charged for replacement cartridges.

Fire Extinguishers

First Aid Kits


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