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The Artisan's Asylum is primarily a member run organization. With limited staff, Artisan's Asylum needs all members to contribute in some way to make this place more awesome!

  • Check the Volunteer Calendar for upcoming Volunteer events. We have a monthly volunteer night as well as shop and task specific work-days.
  • Subscribe to volunteers@ mailing list to find out about additional ad hoc volunteer projects (about 1-2 emails per month). Send a blank email to to subscribe to the list.


Share your skills

Support all the things

  • Become an Awesomenaut - learn more and how to apply here
  • Become a Deskie - learn more and how to apply here
  • Join the maintenance@ list. Folks on this list volunteer to fix broken stuff. (send an email to
  • Join the IT Committee to support the IT infrastructure - email subscribe-it-com@.
  • Join the A3VClub for Audio/Visual support for Artisan's and member events.
  • Got spare tools we might need? Contact donate@ with the details.

Maintain the Wiki

We look forward to your contributions! If you would like to add to or edit this wiki, please:

Welcome each other

  • Join the welcome-brigade to help design programs and materials to welcome and onboard new members
    • email subscribe-welcome-brigade@.
  • Become a buddy and connect 1x1 with new members looking for help getting involved and connected
    • email subscribe-buddies@

Tell people about us

  • Word of mouth is one of the #1 ways people find out about us!
  • Tweet about us, tag us on Facebook and Instagram and be sure to tag posts of your work on social media with #MadeAtArtisans
  • Give a tour. Want to help out by showing the public, students and potential members what we do? Consider giving a tour! Here a quick guide to reference:
  • Write a review on Google, Facebook and Yelp.

Support events & marketing

  • Invite your friends to our public events, or invite them as a guest to a members & friends event
  • Join the Events Committee - email subscribe-events-com@ meeting quarterly to organize and coordinate events.
  • Add our announcement emails to your inbox.

15 Minute tasks

Just have 15 minutes today? Here are a few great ideas to help out:

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