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The Artisan's Asylum is primarily a volunteer run organization. With limited staff time, we would not be where we are without years of volunteers time. We need you to help us make this place more awesome!

  • Check the Volunteer Calendar for upcoming Volunteer events. We have a monthly volunteer night as well as shop and task specific work-days
  • Subscribe to volunteers@ mailing list to find out about additional ad hoc volunteer projects (about 1-2 emails per month). Send a blank email to to subscribe to the list.


How To Help

  • Teach. You can propose a class or tool training to add to our education programming
  • Help other people. Share your skills and inspiration. Join the discuss mailing list. Answer people's questions.
  • Help build and fix things. Join the maintenance@ mailing list.
  • Volunteer to test new members on shop equipment
  • Got spare tools we might need? Contact donate@
  • Donate to the Asylum Grants and help others get access to our services
  • Tell people about us. Tweet about us, tag us on Facebook.
  • Make what you imagine. It's what we're here for.

15 Minute tasks

  • Trash Waste_disposal
  • Recycling Waste_disposal
  • Take out the wood scrap bin Waste_disposal
  • Bring a bag of trash from one of the craft areas to the trash bin
  • Empty two shopvacs (easier in pairs)
  • Sweep a room
  • Clean around front end
    • Things accumulate very quickly when left to exist on there own. Just look around for things left out. Trash should be taken out, The floor cleaned up, junk left should be moved to the
  • Vacuum an aisle
    • Vacuums are available in the Wood shop. Grab one and an extension cord and start to clean an aisle.
  • Wash the front door glass

CNC Plasma Cutter Tasks

  • Bad consumable examples.
    • Find bad consumables and mount them with a description of what the failure mode is.
  • laminate water tank operation instructions.

Welding area tasks

  • Label Welding Helmets SO the shade can easily be identified.
  • Make storage for Tank caps
  • Make storage for Tank empty white tubes
  • Make additional Tank empty tubes for empty tanks
  • 5S work station on welders. See Rob Masek for requirements.

General Asylum Tasks

  • Trash Can locations
    • A stencil needs to be made of the trash can locations. It's base circle should be large enough so the will not block the outline.
    • The floor will need to be cleaned and washed before it is time to Spray the stencils.

Giving Tours

Want to help out by showing the public, students and potential members what we do? Consider giving a tour! Here a quick 2 page guide to reference.

  • Official Tour Talking Points Link to File [1]


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