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The E&R lab will be available for non-members to learn basic electronics and work on projects.


Wednesday nights 6PM - 8PM.


A free basic intro to soldering class and advice and supervision as you work on a project. You do not have to pay anything to attend, and need not be a member. Everyone should sign up through Eventbrite and bring a project or buy one at the Asylum.

Things are flexible; we usually ask what you want to do, or what project you might want to work on. We have a number of kits for sale for people who would like to make something. This is also a fund-raising event for the Asylum, all instructors will be volunteers, so the donations and the margins will go towards E&R for new tools and parts. We can go over a bit of electrical and electronics theory, and give you some of the basics, but we can only give a general overview.

We'll only be going over a basic overview of soldering and electronics, which will be enough to build a kit from instructions.

Electronic Kits Available

Circuit Hacking night is a fundraiser for the E&R lab. If you would like a project to work on the profit from sales of any of these kits will help keep the lab up and running. Currently we have the following available.

Arduino Compatibles

  • Diavolino w/ Battery pack ($15)
    • A low-cost but shield compliant Arduino clone. Needs FTDI programmer.
  • Boarduino ($20)
    • A breadboard compatible Arduino clone. Needs FTDI programmer.

Arduino Shields

  • Open Heart ($20)
    • A wearable heart shaped LED matrix for the Arduino.
  • Relay Shield W/ googly eye Shield ($20)
    • A shield for controlling large sources of power. (such as AC power from the wall)
  • Motor Shield ($20)
    • A shield for controlling both DC and stepper motors easily.
  • Gamby ($25)
    • A game shield for the Arduino.
  • LoL Shield ($25)
    • A 14x9 LED matrix that is easy to program, and can display text, animations, games, etc.
    • Available in Red, Green and other colors.
    • An UV LoL Shield is available for $10 more. The cheapest way to get high brightness UV LEDs!

Complete Arduino kits

  • Arduino Starter Pack with LoL Shield ($50)
    • Comes with everything you need to get started with Arduino, as well as a LoL shield. (UV +$10)
  • Meggy Jr RGB ($75)
    • An Arduino based game system with a 8x8 RGB display. Needs FTDI programmer.
  • Bulbdial Clock ($95)
    • A beautiful clock that is something like a digital sundial.
    • Our kits include the Chronodot and case.

Arduino Development

  • FTDI Friend ($15)
    • A USB to serial programmer for most Arduino clones and kits.
    • Not a kit, but allows programming of Arduino boards that don't have a USB port.
  • ISP Shield ($15)
    • A shield for programming AVR chips.
  • Budget shield 3x pack ($15)
    • A 3 pack of cheap prototyping shields that are Arduino compatible.

Standalone kits

  • MiniPOV3 ($20)
    • A column of 9 LEDs that you can use to display text and images with persistence of vision.
  • Minty Boost ($20)
    • A USB charger for your digital devices that runs on 2xAA.
  • TV-B-Gone ($20)
    • A kit that turns off TVs in public places. So much fun!
  • Art Relay Board ($20)
    • A programmable digital timer and relay. Can be used for all kinds of imbedded art projects!
  • Drawdio ($20)
    • A simple noise maker that allows you to change the sound by drawing!
  • APC Kit ($25)
    • A simple sound synthesizer kit. You'll need your own Altoids style case or something similar.
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