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Collections Procedure

Failure to pay membership fees is one of many reasons why a membership agreement may be terminated. Here is the procedure we use to communicate with our members and handle overdue accounts in line with our Membership Agreement and Services Addendum policies.

General Information for Members

As of February 2017 we have hired an external collections agency to handle collecting overdue membership and rental fees. Here is how that works:

  • If we have not received payment 5 days after your billing date for your membership or rental, the first action we will take will be to apply a 5% late fee to your account. Late fees may be charged 5 days after the billing date and monthly thereafter until the outstanding balance is paid in full.
  • If your fees continue to remain unpaid, we will contact you via email requesting that you set up a payment plan by a certain date. Please note that email is the primary communication method.
  • If after that request, we are still not able to resolve your outstanding fees, your membership agreement will be terminated and account will be referred to collections. You will be notified of this action via email. If we send an account to collections it will be for 153% of your outstanding balance to cover the collection fees. Once in collections we can no longer discuss the matter with you, accept any payments or establish a payment plan. All communications will be with the collection agency.

Late Fees

See Services Addendum

Payment Plans

Payment plans for delinquent accounts can be set up at the discretion of the staff. Refer to this form for further details.

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