Gerber Fastrack 650

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Gerber FasTrack 650
Fastrack CNC Cutter

This IS a picture of the plotter

General Info
ModelFastrack 650
Mfr. Specs
ManualFrom Manufacturer
Training (experimental section)
Tool SpeciesPrinters
(Includes rubric, training information, and testing information.)
Asylum Info
Owner Ryan Martin
Operational Status
Latest Status
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This vinyl cutter is deployed in the silkscreen lab. It is owned and maintained by Brian C. Johnson.

The user manual has been printed and is on the desk with the plotter, as well as being linked above. When loading and unloading materials please review the information on the proper order of operations.

Configured Workstations

The printer drivers are set up and configured already on the computer in the silkscreen lab. The software toolchain is using Inkscape to create paths, then using the InkCut extension to drive the cutter.


You may purchase consumables for public use and either have them mailed to the asylum c/o Brian C. Johnson or leave them under the table.


Max. Material Width 30” roll/ 34” sheet 52”

Max. Cutting Width 24.8”

Max. Cutting Area (repeatable) 24.8” x 39’

Max. Addressable Cut Length 164 feet

Max. Media Thickness 0.04”

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