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Jump to: navigation, search is a full manual on how to use this wiki software. Below are some quick hints to get started.

For more practical and human-resource related needs, see Help: I Need Somebody


The big questions

What's a wiki, exactly?

A "wiki" is just a fancy name for "a website that anyone & everyone is allowed to edit". Don't worry, you don't have to know HTML. You create and edit pages in an online editor -- a big textbox -- and use some pretty simple formatting to make things look nice. More on that later.

Why do we have a wiki?

This wiki is like a "user manual" for the Artisan's Asylum. Of course, the spaces and tools in the Asylum are constantly in flux -- not according to a master plan, but based on the work of individual members (and according to some overall guidelines that everyone must follow). So, rather than have one group in charge of keeping this user manual up to date, it makes more sense for the members to be able to update the sections of the manual that are relevant to their spaces and activities.

And if you were asking "why aren't you worried about the risks of anyone being able to edit anything?", the answer is "because the wiki keeps a history of all the edits in case we need to roll something back, and if someone makes a habit of malicious editing then they'll lose their editing privileges". So, don't be shy -- if you see something that needs updating, go for it!

How do I edit?

Great question! Before I answer that, let's talk about what things aren't allowed on our wiki.

What things aren't allowed on our wiki?

The normal restrictions on illegal and/or harassing behavior apply. If you don't know or can't guess what those are, talk to our management immediately.

Clear-text email addresses

If you need to mention some Asylum email address, please DO NOT type things like

We are constantly hit by spambots looking for more email addresses to add to their list, and if Asylum email addresses make it onto those lists then it will be a huge headache for us.

Instead, please use this awesome bit of code that we made:


This creates a copy-paste-able email address (try for yourself: but confuses the spambots.

If the address is on the Asylum's own server, then there's an even easier way:


which results in

If you goof, please send mail to as soon as you notice. It's a quick and simple fix, but we want to do it as soon as possible. (Deleting your own edit won't work, because the wiki retains the page's history -- including the edit with the email address you typed.)

What things don't really belong on our wiki?

  • Opinions. Stick to keeping the wiki factual.
  • Information that was true in the past, or that will be true in the future. The wiki is for information that's true right now.
  • Information that's already maintained somewhere else; for examples, see this list of pages that refer to the main site.
  • Indications of "real-time status" (e.g. whether a tool is broken). That's what Fixit is for.
  • Discussions. Keep those in discussion forums.
  • Dictionary definitions.
  • News. Keep that in blog form.
  • Calendars. Use one of the many online calendars for that.

OK, now can you tell me how to edit?


  1. Log in. (If you're not already logged in, there won't be an Edit tab at the top of the page.)
  2. Go to the page you want to edit.
  3. At the top of the page, click the tab which says "Edit". Don't edit anything you shouldn't. You'll get a text box with some controls on top of it.
  4. Edit the text in the box. Check out Help:Editing for a cheat sheet and the full manual for all you advanced users.
  5. Hit the "Show preview" button below the text box and see if you like how things came out. If not, edit some more. Or give up by clicking the cancel link to the right of the buttons under the edit box.
  6. Click the "Save page" button.

But, how do I create a new page?

This is a very common question!

The title of every page is simply taken from the page's URL -- the part after the last "/" -- but with underscores replacing any spaces. So, to create a new page, just type the URL of where the new page should be. For example, to create "My New Page", just type into your browser. Since the page doesn't already exist, the wiki will serve up a blank page that is ready for your edits. (If you want it to be "My new page" instead of "My New Page", just capitalize it that way, e.g,. .../My_new_page.)

Alternatively, you can just create a link to the nonexistent page from some other wiki page that you're editing. Then, click that link.

Note that the first letter of the first word in the page title will always be capitalized, whether you want it or not. That's just the way the wiki software does things.

Manual editing seems a bit over my head... What can I do?

There are a few alternatives. Check out Help:Alternate Editors.

If You'd Like To Add Your Profile

First, log into the wiki. If you don't have an account, you'll need to get one in order to be allowed to edit any page.

Next, type into a new browser window, replacing YourName with your username on the wiki. Capitalization matters. If you've done it right, and assuming you're logged in, you'll see a tab at the top called edit. (If you misspelled your username, the tab will say create. Just correct the URL and try again.)

Type whatever bio/text you want to appear in the left part of the page into the box, followed by this code (to create the bio box that will appear on the right side of the page) - simply leave blank anything you don't want to include. Note that OutletFace.jpg is an example only - you can upload an image to the wiki and then include its file name in that spot:

    |name            = 
    |image           = OutletFace.jpg
    |role            = 
    |space_number    = 
    |url_personal    = 
    |url_facebook    = 
    |url_googleplus  = 
    |email           = 
    |chat            = 
    |phone           = 

Note the Show preview button at the bottom while you're editing. You can use this button as many times as you'd like as you edit, to make sure the page looks the way you want it, before finally saving it with the Save page button. Using preview in this way means you won't put a zillion tiny edits into the Recent Changes log.

If you need further help, see this page.

The little things

I don't even want to go near editing; can I just follow other people's edits?

You sure can. Check out Help: Watching Pages For Edits.

Where is the master list of useful templates used by this wiki?

You'll find those in Category:Useful_Templates.

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