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Use the Show preview button at the bottom when editing! That way, you can save only when everything looks good (with the Save page button). Also, please fill in the Summary field, and if you're just fixing typos, click the This is a minor edit button.

If you change your mind about a page's name, don't just abandon it and start a new one---ask for it to be renamed. Otherwise, the old one will still require admin time, to delete it to avoid confusion with the new one.

"Wiki Markup" -- The way formatting happens

Print out this editing CHEAT SHEET! It's super helpful.

Here is the same information as in the cheat sheet, but more poorly formatted:


To make a list, start each line with an asterisk. A sub-list, two asterisks.

 * foo
 * bar
 ** first
 ** second
 * baz


  • foo
  • bar
    • first
    • second
  • baz


To make headings like the ones displayed above, surround the text with equals signs. A table of contents is added to the page automatically if you have 3 or more of these.

 = A really big top-level heading =
 Generally avoid this except for big pages.

== The conventional-sized heading ==
 Use this if you aren't sure which one to use.

=== Sub-headings like the ones on this page that say "Lists" and "Headings" ===
 These are very helpful 

==== You can put up to 6 equals signs in a row ====
 In other words, you can create hierarchies that have six levels of depth

Bold, italics

There's toolbar buttons for these. Make text bold by surrounding it with three single quotes (') on each side, make it italic by surrounding with two single quotes.

''italics'' '''bold''' '''''bold italics''''' (two, three, and five apostrophes)


putting something between [[ and ]] links to something else on the wiki. So, for example, [[Gui]] links to the page about Gui, whose URL is

putting something between [ and ] creates links to something outside the wiki. You should put the url, followed by a description. So, for example, [ Our Homepage] links to Our Homepage

[[Some page inside this wiki]] Note two brackets

[[Some page inside this wiki|The name you want to refer to it by right here]] Note two brackets and a |

[ My name for a URL hosted elsewhere] Note one bracket and no |

Images and Other Files

Uploading files lets you put all kinds of non-textual stuff into the wiki:

  • [[File:Some Image]] Point at some image you uploaded, using its uploaded name.
  • [[File:Some Image | By Another Name]] Use a different name to refer to it
  • [[media:Some Non-Image File | My Name for a Word document or PowerPoint slides]] Note use of media: and not File: -- using File: when trying to rename the link will not work


We have a bunch of useful templates defined that you can copy-paste into your pages. These allow simple fill-in-the-blank functionality and give a uniform look to the site. For example, the following paste-ready templates:

Other Tools

Recent Changes

Recent Changes is your friend! Note also the change histories and diffs.

Watching Pages

Watch pages you care about (the "watch" tab at the top). Confirm your email address first!

Talk Pages

Talk pages (the "discussion" tab at the top) are also useful. If the page is watched, modifications to its Talk page will notify you as well.

Pitfalls, Beginner Mistakes, and Other Gotchas

Timeouts when editing

It's not great form to make extremely long edits without saving your work; you run the risk of a browser crash or a session timeout. Use the Save button occasionally.

This wiki currently won't time out your session for 24 hours, so you could leave yourself in page-editing mode for longer than that (editing away, but never visiting any other pages on the wiki and never saving) and have it time out on you anyway, but it's unlikely. [The default for many other MediaWiki's is around 24 minutes, which is a much bigger deal.]

Nonetheless, if you do experience a timeout somehow, you still won't necessarily lose the unsaved edit you've made. One workaround is to open any other page on the wiki in another tab or window in the same browser and log in there. Then, go to the page that just timed out and retry the operation. If you don't see an open editing box on the page, you may have to use the Back button to go back to that box; it should still have your text in it. Try the Preview or Save button again, and it should work. (Possibly safer to first cut & paste the text from that box to some other place just in case.)

Another way to avoid all this is to check the "remember me" button when you log in; that setting should be remembered across browser sessions as well. As long as you don't clear your cookies, you will only have to actually log in once every 30 days if this button is checked, and if your browser stores passwords, even this should be painless.

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