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the grey band saw

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Horizontal/Vertical Band Saw -- Jet HVBS-463

Horizontal Vertical Bandsaw.

Stock number 414456. Serial number 5050775. 1/2 horsepower.

Problems and solutions

The blade comes out of the guides or off of the drive or idler wheel

Usually putting the blade back the proper place will solve the problem. Obviously, unplug the band saw first and wear gloves for protection from the saw blade while handling it. Gloves should not be worn during normal operation of the band saw because they can become caught on the blade and be pulled in to the saw.

On this particular band saw the bolt that holds the idler wheel on can loosen over time and cause the idler wheel to tilt so the blade will fall off constantly even when it is replaced correctly. Tightening the bolt that holds the idler wheel, which is located below the nameplate, should fix the problem.

The blade when it slips off the drive wheel and out of the guide
Loose idler wheel and diagram
The bolt that holds the idler wheel on

Staple Consumable: Blade
SpecificationsPart Number(s)Product Link(s)

Cost: N/A

  • Length: 5' 4 1/2" = 64.5"
  • Width: 1/2"
  • Thickness: 0.025"
  • Teeth: 14 tpi
  • Set: RR
  • Edp: 14063
  • Starret duratec FB (replaces Flex-Back)
  • Cat.No.: 91401-05-04-1/2
  • UPC: 049659140637
  • MSC#: 03312147

See Also

From user: Dennis Atwood

We have two horizontal band saws, "actually - a red one and a gray one. The '4x6 horizontal bandsaw' is a generic casting made from some Chinese foundry and sold by several different companies. The pattern is exactly the same for all of them, and most parts are interchangeable.
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