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For Members

We have two primary ways of sharing information: wikis and mailing lists. Here is info on using a wiki.

Why are we using a wiki and mailing lists instead of Google Docs/Groups?

  • We want to own our own information, not leave it somewhere out in the cloud under some other organization's control.
  • Better reliability. Our host has better uptime than Google, and, since we pay them, they would be more keenly interested in helping us get our data back if they had an issue than Google would.
  • Better accessibility and compatibility. Google will not support many older browsers, which means people who prefer an older browser cannot use, or in some cases even see, the information in a Google Doc.
  • Privacy concerns. Google tracks user information in ways that many people find very disturbing and prefer to opt out of.
  • Control over upgrades. We can choose if and when to upgrade our wiki, Wordpress, etc.; Google updates its services when Google wants to, and sometimes that includes discontinuing a service altogether.
  • Better organization and archiving of information. It is easier to link pages within a wiki to each other, and find older information, rather than keep track of a list of URLs pointing to various Google Docs that have been distributed via email . . . sometime in the past (now which email was it that had the link to that document?).

For Staff & Volunteers

We use GSuite which is a set of Google Business services for Non-Profits to manage calendars and document sharing. It is important for you to have access to a personal or organizational Google account to have access to information.

  • GSuite Help Forum - a great place to start if you are having trouble. Below are some links that might help with common questions or issues new users have.

Managing Multiple Accounts

Finding Documents

  • Many documents are shared with all users "in our domain". If you have an email address, that means that most organization documents should be available to you. Here are instructions on how to search:
    • We do not manage access using the groups feature to cut down on the amount of administrative work required to re-share documentation and set up new groups when volunteers or staff turn over.
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