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Proposed lesson plan for Woodshop Orientation a 20 minute, lecture based class that will familiarize new members with our facility. Paid, but very affordable class for 10-20. This page might be an outline for handouts. Handouts might include the Membership Agreement, or at least its attached policies & procedures, since it isn't presented at registration.


Safety Orientation

  • Basic woodshop safety rules (print handout?)
  • Do not use equipment you are not comfortable with or trained to use
  • Do not operate dangerous machines alone in the space
  • Members offer each other feedback on safe and effective technique, and are expected to receive the same gracefully.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Safety glasses are located at the entry of the shop corridor, and are required at all times in the shop.
  • Ear plugs are a very good idea, most of the tools are 90-100 decibels and damage hearing.
  • First aid kit is at entry to shop corridor.
  • Eye wash stations are at either end of corridor and have single-use cartridges
  • Shop rules posters include information on appropriate dress
  • Dust masks are available for sale at Building 8 Emporium

Woodshop user responsibilities

  • Clean up after yourself - your work area should be left clean and ready for the next member
  • If equipment is not operating correctly, tag it out and use the QR code, wiki or maintenance@ to request repair
  • Cut up and throw away your scrap. If a bin is full, tie the bag, place it in grey dumpster and replace
    • Demo changing a waste bin or shopvac
  • Label your projects using provided slips: name, contact, when it can be unclamped (typ 1h) and when it will be removed (typ 24h)
  • Clamp etiquette

What to do where

  • Wood: in the wood shop only
  • Metal: welding or machine shops
  • Metal abrasive and heating operations: welding shop only
  • Plastic: follow material cutting chart on wiki
  • Paint, stain: paint room only (dispose oily rags in metal flammables can)
  • Epoxy, urethane: paint room, MPR2

How to get trained

  • Difference between testing, training, and month classes
    • There is some language about this on the Asylum website.
    • Youtube is useful, but does not constitute experience.
  • Walk through the shop, giving an overview of the purpose of each tool and what class(es) cover it. Use the class offerings to structure this.
  • How to identify shop monitors and their schedules
    • How guided practice time works

How to use the shop

  • where are the drill bits
  • jig saw blades
  • what we stock and don't stock and the emporium stocks
  • compressed air
  • Category:Consumables

Conclude with a communal trip to the dumpster

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