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The Board of Directors of the Artisan’s Asylum is chartered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to represent both the public and the voting members by governing through its written Charter, By-Laws and policies that direct, control, and inspire the organization. It deliberates in many voices, but governs in one.

The Board has the direct responsibility to

  1. Maintain linkage to the membership. By maintaining a long-term view, the Board members help blend the goals of the voting members, the staff and the mission of the organization with the fiscal responsibilities that keep it strong.
  2. Express the values of the organization in broad policies categorized as follows:
    1. Governance process: how the Board conceives, carries out, and monitors its own organization so that it has the greatest benefit to the members.
    2. Ends: organizational products, impacts, benefits, beneficiaries, outcomes, and their relative worth, measured according to their consequences to the stability and esprit de corps of the organization.
    3. Community: leadership in creating an atmosphere of honesty, trust and camaraderie; providing working conditions that are safe, ethical, and honest; where decisions are made with human dignity and compassion for each other.
  3. Assure satisfactory organizational performance. The day-to-day operation of the organization is entrusted to the Executive Director and his/her staff. The Executive Director is entrusted to carry out operations based on the overall objectives given by the Board founded on the mission strategy created the previous year and augmented by conditions that may appear during the current fiscal year. The Board will meet with the Executive Director regularly to understand how processes and procedures are progressing. The Board will also meet formally with the Executive Director annually to assess progress with metrics and analysis in a review.

Resolved by the Board on 8 April 2015.

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