Lexmark E260D

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Lexmark E260D
Lexmark Monochrome Laser Printer

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This printer has 32MB of installed memory. There is no expansion card installed. Connectivity is by local USB only at this time. Drivers are available on the page linked 'manufacturer specs' in the Toolbox. This printer is Ethernet active and can be deployed as a network asset if desired. Has 35000 page count in history. Currently running the AL.LB.E201 firmware, which is NOT the most current.



Toner cartridge (regular) #E260A21A (Lexmark Return Program Cart) #E260A11A

Photoconductor kit #E260X22G

Maintenance Cycle

Toner Low

The printer will stop with the Toner Low / Replace PC light and the Continue button ON steady. Press the Continue button and the printer will return to Ready and continue printing. The Toner Low light will remain ON, steady. While in the toner low state, the printer will stop again on power cycles and other operating situations such as jams or paper out conditions. Simply press the button to continue printing. The Toner Low light will remain ON until the cartridge is replaced or Toner Out is reached.

Toner Out

After approximately 300 pages beyond the first Toner Low condition the printer will stop printing and display the Toner Out condition. The Toner Low light will be ON steady and the Error light will blink. All other lights will be off. You must replace the toner cartridge to continue printing.

Photoconductor Unit Life Warning

The printer internally calculates the average print-job size and actual average print coverage percentage. Once the photoconductor unit reaches approximately 85% of it usable life, the printer will stop with the Continue button lit steady. The Toner Low / Replace PC will be blinking. Press Continue and the printer returns to Ready and printing will continue. This early warning is intended to provide a reasonable time for scheduling and obtaining a new unit for replacement. When 100% of the usable life has been reached, the Menus Page will indicate the photoconductor life is “Exhausted”. The printer will still continue to print, but it is recommended the Photoconductor be replaced soon.


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