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We have several mailing lists to facilitate communications between the general public, our members, knowledgeable people at the Asylum, and staff. Some lists are restricted to members or staff only and require moderator approval.

Important resources:

  • Mailing Lists: Etiquette Read this, so you don't annoy members and moderators! How to use (and not use) crossposting, BCC's, multiple addresses for yourself, attachments, and more
  • Mailing_Lists:_Overview A great resource for moderators.

Mailing List Subscription

To subscribe to a mailing list other than announce or member-announce:

Send a blank email to (Your Desired Mailing List)

You should receive an email with a link to confirm your subscription.

For more detailed instructions on how to unsubscribe to a mailing list, change your mailing list password, or manage your account see Mailing Lists Account Management

Public Mailing Lists

  • Announce about upcoming classes & events at Artisan's. Note there is a separate sign-up form required for this listserv.
  • Discuss - For all technical inquiries and all “can you help me or teach me?” and “what do you guys think of this?” questions. Goes to a distribution list of members of the Artisan’s Asylum and our extended community of makers.
  • Have it Made Requests for requests for custom paid design and fabrication work to be done by Artisan's members. Goes to a distribution list of interested professionals.
    • simply email with your request.Only active monthly members can subscribe to this list.

Member Mailing Lists

General Member Lists

Follow these links to subscribe and create a log-in to view archives and manage your subscription settings to these lists.

  • Member-Announce for important announcements for members. Members are automatically subscribed to this list. Note there is a separate sign-up form required for this listserv.
  • Discuss for technical inquiries and questions such as "Can you help me or teach me?" or "What do you folks think of this?"
  • Have it Made Requests for current members to receive have-it-made requests and offer your craftsmanship. To post your request, simply email the list.
  • inmates for intra-asylum discussions, questions, and announcements relevant only to members, instructors, volunteers who are a currently active user of our space.
  • Volunteers If you're interested in helping out, announcements of volunteer opportunities get sent here
  • Subscribe to Buddies If you're interested in helping out new members. If you're new and need help getting started, just email!
  • Voters-Discuss A list for voting members to discuss issues, ideas and topics of concern to voting members. During elections, voting members are automatically added to this list. Subscription is open to any voting or non-voting member at any time.

Mailing Lists for Specific Shops

For member discussion, questions, and announcements regarding our various shops. See Tool Specific Lists for CNC and Digital Fabrication related lists. Not intended for inquiries regarding tool testing/training.

Tool Specific Lists

For discussion, announcements, and information for members trained on some of our more specialized equipment and tools. Not intended for inquiries regarding tool testing/training.

For Instructors

  • instructors-announce instructor announcement list -- announcements about policies, meetings, and calls & reminders for class registration and marketing get sent here
  • instructors-discuss for discussing how to teach classes and resources available to instructors.
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