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Welcome! This is the public wiki for Artisan’s Asylum, Inc., a non-profit community craft studio located in Somerville, Massachusetts. Our mission is to support and promote the teaching, learning and practicing of design and fabrication.

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Our FAQs are a good place to start for all things Membership, Shops/Tools, Rentals, and general questions you may have.

Facilities and Equipment

Main Page: Shops Main Page: Tools

Facility access membership at the Asylum provides access to the following community fabrication facilities:

Artisan's also offers open project build/assembly, social gathering, meeting and event space.

List of Tools

Tool Testing is required for independent tool use

Tool Testing, also referred to as "tool check-off" or "tool certification" is required for independent facility use. These sessions require you to demonstrate safe and correct use of our tools in our shared community shops.

Shop Safety

Tool Reservations

Policies and Procedures


Main Page: Materials

Information on how to obtain and work with various materials


Membership to Artisan’s Asylum not only grants you access to our facility and all shared equipment (that you are trained and tested on) but also opens you to an incredible community of artists, makers, and innovators. This is the place to be if you want to work near people creating gorgeous sculptures, building giant (or tiny) robots, preparing an art installation, 3D printing fabulous jewelry, or literally reinventing the wheel.

Member Resources

Rental Space

Education - Information for Students and Instructors

Main Page: Classes

For Full list of currently offered classes, class calendar, and FAQs for students and instructors, visit our Website.

For Students

For Instructors


Main Page: Community

Mailing Lists


Main Page: Resources



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