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A small dedicated management team at Artisan's Asylum is charged with enabling members to make what they imagine.

You can view their pictures and bios here on the website. Managerial Policies are maintained by management.

If this is a non-medical emergency and you want to contact staff, dial 617-284-6878 x 9.

Management Contacts
Name Role Main Email 617-284-6878 ext Aliases Office Hours
Jess Muise Member Services Manager jess@ 103 member-services@, space@ Office Hours
Kate Gormley Education Program Manager kate@ 105 teach@ Office Hours
Tom Vancor Facilities Manager tom@ 108 facilities@ Office Hours
Derek Seabury PExecutive Director derek@ 102 ed@ Office Hours


Which staff person does what?

Derek - President and Executive Director

Development, partnerships, consulting, infrastructure, personnel, operations

(executive@ for inquiries, donate@ for donations and sponsorships, outreach@ for partnerships, make-a-makerspace@ for how-to questions, derek@ for anything else)


  • "We'd like to partner with Artisan's on this project"
  • "We'd like to make a financial or in-kind donation..."
  • "Can you help me start a makerspace in my town / school / library?"

Jess - Member Services Manager

Membership, access, billing questions, cancellations, studio and storage rental; Front Desk Volunteer Program Coordinator and Visitor Services

(member-services@ for account questions and billing, outreach@ for visitor services, jess@ for anything else)


  • "This account has something weird on it, what now?"
  • "How much is my credit going to be for my volunteer hours this month?"
  • "Hey, this institutional membership wants to do x. Can they do that?"

Tom - Facilities Manager

Facility & operations management, Shop lead management, Awesomenaut Program


Kate - Education Program Manager

Instructors, Classes, Students

(teach@), (kate@)

Examples of questions for Kate:

  • "This student would like help with..."
  • "I need help scheduling my class..."
  • "How do I teach at Artisan's Asylum"
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