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Markforged Mark 2

Isn't it beautiful?

General Info
ModelMark 2
Mfr. Specs
Training (experimental section)
Tool Species3D Printers
(Includes rubric, training information, and testing information.)
Asylum Info
LocationDigital Fabrication
OwnerArtisan's Asylum
Operational Status
Latest Status
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Training is Required for using this machine. Please see the eventbrite page for a list of class dates.

If you have taken the Uprint class in the past this training is free. Email to arrange a training.


To use this printer, you need to make a reservation.

The slicer used for this printer is Note that this only works in google chrome.

Material: (Nylon) will be provided for you and will be located under the printer. The fibers available are carbon fiber, fiberglass and kevlar. If you wish to use something other than what is loaded into the printer please email

Cost: Given by the slicer. Additionally, a 25% increase is added for maintenance costs.

Please do not use this machine until you have been cleared by a digi fab shop volunteer!

Don't forget to put a layer of Elmer's glue down before printing!

Cleaning Requirements

Please detach parts from support material over the trash as not to make a mess.

Don't forget to clean the bed off with a wet sponge after use.

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