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In this packed one-day workshop, explore creating diverse and interesting textures on metal using various mechanical processes. Using brass, copper and silver, students will emboss a myriad of textures like sandpaper, wire screen to emulate fabric or a skeletinzed leaf, and use a specialized jewelry rolling mill for embossing. Students will modify a hammer and utilize a drop chisel to texture metal. Appropriate for all skill levels. For more information about this workshop email

Class Goals:

Students will learn how to properly use a high end rolling mill, a flex shaft, how to rivet and solder small "washers" as attachments. Students will be learn to operate a jump shear and cut metal on their own. You will leave with a small library of texture and embossing samples to incorporate into larger sculpture or for jewelry fabrication.




A $35 material fee, payable to the instructor on the first day of class, will cover solder, copper, and brass. Students should purchase two small inexpensive ball peen hammers, available from any hardware store, and bring them to class.

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