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Multipurpose room 2 (Fabric Arts)


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Managed ByCollette Livingston
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MPR2 is a shared used project space for members and classes and houses our fiber arts and dirty craft areas.

Use of materials

The term "material" here means "anything that is used in some sort of craft project that isn't food". In the past, this has included:

  • Solid foams (polystyrene, polyurethane, etc)
  • Liquids that are mixed to produce foams, or which can be used to coat foams
  • Moldmaking liquids (urethane, silicone, alginate, etc) and release agents
  • Plaster and waxes
  • Adhesives
  • Various liquid chemicals not mentioned above
  • Anything else that can leave a residue of dust, liquid, or vapor

Because the room is used for many things besides teaching classes that involve materials, but because we have no viable other location to put materials-heavy classes in, we require that those using materials follow several rules to minimize their impact on other users. Instructors or other users who fail to abide by these rules will face consequences.


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