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New England has been a key area of the world in technological advancement for at least 150 years. We have lots of places full of cool old machines. Here are some.



Less than an hour or so from AA

Further away



"Our special emphasis is on the shipsmiths and edge toolmakers who made the hand tools that facilitated the florescence of New England’s maritime and industrial economy from 1607 to 1930. Relevant trades include the iron forgemaster, blacksmith, shipwright, cooper, wheelwright, sail maker, pattern maker, and, after 1870, machinist, tool and die maker, and mechanic."

A variety of cars, airplanes, bicycles, stationary engines, and other machinery.

An 1840s locomotive, historical recreations of old workshops, weaving looms, engines, and other machines.

New Hampshire

  • Telephone History Museum

Rhode Island


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