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Artisan’s Asylum has Volunteer Ombudspersons to serve members, volunteers, and staff/management.

The ombudsperson at Artisan’s Asylum works as a designated neutral party to follow the International Ombudsman Association (IOA)'s:


The ombudsperson provides mediation for conflicts and options for whistleblowers or employees/managers with ethical concerns. They may make recommendations for changes to policies or procedures.

They report to the Executive Director. If the complaint involves the Executive Director, a Board Liaison to the Ombudsperson will supervise.


Upon receipt of an issue:

  • [Any] Issue is forwarded to the Executive Director who will manage the process. Should the ED be involved in the matter, issues shall be the board who will appoint a manager.
  • [Manager] Responds to the complainant to inform them the ombuds will be collecting information and requests that they forward contact information on anyone they feel should be involved.
  • [Manager] Provides the ombuds with contact information for those they feel should be involved.
  • [Ombuds] Meet with everyone involved, make additional contacts as they feel appropriate to capture all sides of the story.
  • [Ombuds] Documents the story as experienced by each party.
  • [Ombuds] After hearing everyone's story, summarizes the issues perceived for the manager and may make a recommendation of action.
  • [Manager] Informs the board and or ED of conclusion of process, recommendation if any and what action is to be taken.
  • [Manager] Informs complainant of action taken in the matter.
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