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This exciting workshop explores metal surface embellishment using current photocopy technology. This process involves a heat transfer of virtually any high contrast photographic or graphic image via transparency film directly onto metal. By using a mordant (acid) such as ferric chloride, images are etched onto the surface of copper and brass. The etched plate can then be altered through piercing, patination or enameling, or it can be used as a printing plate. We will also explore direct laser copy onto metal. This is an excellent class for printmakers or photographers who wish to expand their artistic palette. Appropriate for all skill levels. For more information about this workshop email

Follow this link for more information and images about photoetching using photocopy transfer.

Class Goals:

Students will produce several etched metal pieces to incorporate into their work.




A kit of materials will be available for purchase from the instructor for $45. A photocopier will be available for the transfers.

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