Plasma Cutter -- Hobart Airforce 700i

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Plasma Cutter - Hobart Airforce 700i

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General Info
ModelAirforce 700i
Mfr. Specs
ManualFull Manual, Info Sheet,safety sheet
Training (experimental section)
Tool SpeciesPlasma Cutters
(Includes rubric, training information, and testing information.)
Asylum Info
Ownerthe Asylum
Operational Status
Latest Status
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Details on cutting with the Hobart Airforce 700i

This is the chart that tells you how fast you can cut with the plasma cutter:


After talking with Tim from Hobart (phone conversation, 29-Jan-2013, 1-800-332-3281) in their technical department about how we use the cutter (by hand, for art purposes) the following comments were made (10-15 inches per minute, when cutting by hand):

  • For cutting 1/8" or under, 15 A
  • For cutting 1/8"-1/4"-3/8", 20-30 A
  • For cutting 3/8"-1/2", 40 A (as per chart)

Other details on cutting with a plasma cutter by hand are found here:

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