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Plasma Cutter - Hypertherm XP30

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General Info
ModelHypertherm XP30
Mfr. Specs
Training (experimental section)
Tool SpeciesPlasma Cutters
(Includes rubric, training information, and testing information.)
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Ownerthe Asylum
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Details on cutting with the Hypertherm Powermax30XP

Please review all information before operating equipment.

Quick Start Video

Operation Manual

  • Input Current at 3.8 kw 120V 25AMP 240V 18.8 amp
  • Rated Output Current 15A - 30A

Duty Cycle

The Poem Duty Cycle By James Ioca

Sometimes we get sleepy
Sometimes we're awake.
If we run real hard all the time
We have a tendency to break.

So just remember that,

The tools are just like folk
They need to rest
to be at their best
or else they end up broke

If you don't know what Duty Cycle is, please see this link. Duty Cycle

  • Duty Cycle 120V input
    • 20% (I2 = 30 A, U2 = 83 V)
    • 60% (I2 = 17 A, U2 = 83 V)
    • 100% (I2 = 15 A, U2 = 83 V)
  • Duty Cycle 200-240V Input
    • 35% (I2 = 30 A, U2 = 125 V)
    • 60% (I2 = 23 A, U2 = 125 V)
    • 100% (I2 = 18 A, U2 = 125 V)
  • Air Pressure Input
    • Minimum 3.5 scfm at 68 psi)
    • Recommended 4.0 scfm at 80 psi
    • Maximum 135 PSI

General Consumables

File:XP30 cut chart.png

Finecut Consumables


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