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Resources for Arduino

The Arduino is not just one piece of hardware, it is an integrated open design comprised of a software development environmnet, a reference hardware design, lots of compatible variations on the design, and many compatible hardware products for extending the capabilities of the device.


Arduino For Beginners (one day class)

The Arduino Project

Other Arduinos

Similar Boards and Lots of Shields

A shield is a board which plugs into the side headers of an Arduino board, fitting on top of the board, and providing additional functions, such as motor control, access to memory cards, audio interfacing, LED displays, LCD character or graphic displays, or general purpose prototyping.

Tons of links on this page


For connecting to boards which have header pins instead of a USB connector.

Connecting switches, light sensors, temperature sensors, LEDs, and motors to the Arduino

This part of the resources page is under construction.

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