Robot Sensor Platform Meeting Notes 2012 09 23

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Meeting Notes

  • vending machine back together (Avi, Richard, Colin, Jai, Shaheib)
  • bring robot to electronics bay; probably the best way to work on it for electronics stuff
  • reconnect battery wire
  • remount left encoder with epoxy; need better mount
  • Richard shows how system works (R,L,F,B = right,left,front,back)
  • robot now hooks up to Andrew's laptop; Arduino and motor controller are OK; need Arduino 1.0.1 for Mega R3
  • robot moves!
  • leave system on battery charger


  • MDF base - A2
  • brackets for E-stop - A2
  • program update/checkout - new program was written (Richard), should check out if it works
  • get joystick! - Justin, or anyone else - 2D potentiometer type
  • additional features (?)
    • rotate by X degrees (r x)
    • speed changes (+, -)
    • move X distance (distance, rotation) 'm x r' (move x meters, x degrees)
    • change direction while under motion by X degrees 'r x'
    • joystick input (2 potentiometers to Arduino directly) 'j' command

Suggest one characters commands with extensions; don't forget 'h' for help (think *nix)...

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