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Singer 241-1
Industrial, black, aka Twisted Sister

Singer 241-1 industrial sewing machine

General Info
SerialAF837153 (or AF637153)
Mfr. Specs
ManualNot found
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Tool SpeciesSewing Machines
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Asylum Info
LocationFiber Arts
OwnerArtisan's Asylum
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  • See Industrial Sewing Machine Safety
  • Foot control pedal frame is rather high, recommended to sit in a slightly higher chair if feasible.
  • Adjust knee lift lever as needed.

About this machine

  • High speed, single needle, lock stitch machine with automatic lubricating system
  • Knee lift



  • Needle system Singer 88x1, equivalent to 88x9, 44x3, DAx1 = Groz-Beckert 1128

Bobbin & case


  • Be sure the self-oiling system is working when you are sewing - watch for oil dripping in the observation window.
  • If the oiling system is not running, STOP and email maintenance@ and fiberarts-lead@ Do NOT run the machine without oil.
  • Use "Lily White" oil specifically for industrial sewing machines. 1 qt. is enough.



  • March 2020
    • Needs oiling from top, and oil change in pan
    • Still needs new needle holder
    • Foot control pedal has pins underneath which keep it from sliding side to side. These had moved considerably. Moved them - consider a different technology to replace.
    • Adjusted foot control bracket and installed new connecting rod. Had bent either due to sliding foot pedal or because chairs shoved into it.
    • Modified servo motor tilt to set proper belt tension
    • Returned bobbin winder to original position
  • January 2020
    • Original clutch motor replaced with servo motor
  • November 2019
    • Needs needle clamp with a thread guide loop, looks like the needle bar is the same size as the 20-U.
    • Needs a top guide for the cone holder.

Side view, with original clutch motor (June 2019)
Under view, with original clutch motor. Helpful ruler, and knee lift (Sept 2019)
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