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Singer Simple
aka Supertramp

Singer Simple, model 3116, aka Supertramp

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ManualMedia:Singer 3116 Simple user manual.pdf
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Tool SpeciesSewing Machines
(Includes rubric, training information, and testing information.)
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About This Machine


  • 18 built-in stitches
  • automatic 1-step buttonhole
  • drop feed for free motion sewing
  • automatic needle threader
  • free arm
  • Can use twin needles (set stitch length to less than 3)


  • One leg is missing from this machine, so a wood block is available to steady the machine.
  • Buy your own needles, appropriate to your project. Buy enough that you can replace needles frequently for best results. Do not sew with a bent, blunt, or damaged needle.
  • Ensure you have the correct presser foot for your selected stitch type.
  • Basic sewing safety guidelines apply.



  • Match thread to your project needs. See chart in the user manual, p.34


  • Needle system for household machines is 130/705 H (H=Hohlkehle in German, means with scarf). All needles of system 130/705 H have a flattened shank for perfect positioning of the needle in the needle bar and in relation to the point of the hook.
  • Sizes 9-18
  • Match needle size to your project needs. See chart in the user manual, p.34

Bobbin & case

  • Plastic and metal bobbins both work, class 15 / A style
    • Winding the bobbin is in the user manual, p.18
  • Vertical, front-loading bobbin case, class 15
    • Inserting the bobbin and case are in the user manual, p.20


  • Oiling & maintenance is described in the manual, p.82


  • See User Manual, p.24



  • Commonly needed:
    • Light bulb: screw-type, 10 watts (110-120V) - note 10w is rare, machine has worked ok with 15w
    • Reverse lever: with internal metal spring, #G2D0123209; #V880133210 will also work

December 2019

  • "Queen" has been working with a 15w bulb, but manual suggests 10w instead. Moved that bulb to Speedylock 1600 and will replace Queen's with different bulb.

September 2019

  • Needs wood block to replace missing leg
  • Functioned fine during class

August 2019

  • Checked for basic functioning, by Pace W.

October 2018

  • General service, oiled

July 17, 2014 Note:These notes may apply to a different 3116 machine

  • cleaned, vacuumed and oiled
  • new needle
  • missing knob for reverse stitch button
  • inside container:
    • button hold foot
    • seam ripper
    • cording(?) foot
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