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The first item on the Donations page should be this:

 The Artisan's Asylum [[Shop Leads]] maintain this page with lists of the supplies and tools that keep the shops running, and some that would make the shops just a little better.  They follow this [[Shop Monitor Donation Page Guide]] to do so.

The second thing on the Donations page should be a list of "Featured Items". Each shop may submit up to three featured items. When you change your featured items you may move the new ones to the top of the featured items list. Follow the item guidelines at the end of this page for this list

The third thing on the Donations page should be a set of links to specific shop donation pages. Here is the code for that: *[[MPR Donations]] *[[Precision Metalworking Donations]] *[[Welding Donations]] *[[Woodworking Donations]] *[[CNC Donations]] *[[Digital Fabrication Donations]] *[[Print Shop Donations]] *[[Electronics & Robotics Donations]] *[[Jewelry Donations]] *[[General Space Donations]]

For your Donations pages, here are some guidelines:

  • Amazon links are good; please start Amazon links with and include this at the end of your URL: ?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=ur2&tag=artisan0d-20
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