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Abandoned Project
Soda Machine Project

Leader / P.I.David Stokes
Date started
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Reason abandonedAttrition
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This is the central repository for information regarding the effort to restore and ultimately hack the vintage soda machine.

The restoration effort is currently being headed up by David Stokes. The machine currently resides in Space 7, but will (hopefully) be moved to a public location once it has basic functionality.

Note: Please check with me before entering my space and/or working on the machine! Stokes 15:20, 10 April 2012 (EDT)

To Do

  • Renovation/Restoration
    • Find key!
    • Clean the machine
      • Scrub out floor of fridge area
      • Clean off soda-covered wire bundles
      • Clean compressor/radiator/etc.
    • Fix coin box
      • Replace bad diode, see if that was the problem or a symptom
      • Fix/replace broken plastic bit in change dispenser
    • Fix soda hoppers
      • Clean, remove corrosion, etc.
      • Fix/replace broken fingers on the damaged mechanism
  • Hacking
    • (list to be created after the basic renovations done, not before)

Notes, Schematics, Etc.



  • Exterior front (old picture from W&B days; still pretty much the same, though)



Original Equipment

Modifications and Hacks

Beverage Requests

Add your canned beverage of choice. If it's on the list already, add a + to the name.

  • Diet Mt. Dew (+)
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