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  • A. C. Moore has a store at Assembly Square in Somerville. Strong on craft supplies, Testor's hobby paints, basket and floral arrangement stuff, etc.
  • Artist & Craftsman Supply in Central Square, Cambridge (580 Mass Ave) is pretty comprehensive. (617) 354-3636.
  • Blick Art Materials has a Boston store, at Landmark Center near Fenway Park.
  • Michael's has a store in the shopping center on the edge of Everett (near the Wellington T station), and one in Burlington (on Rt 3 just south of Rt 128).
  • Play Time, just outside Arlington center, is a fantastic craft store. They carry beads, feathers, paper, party supplies, yarn, ribbon, etc., etc., etc.
  • Utrecht Art Supplies has a store on Mass Ave in Cambridge. Check their blog.

By Mail

  • Art Supply Warehouse
  • Pearl Paint has closed most of their stores nationwide, including in Cambridge, but the NYC store is still there, as well as their mail-order operation.
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