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  • Reynolds Advanced Materials is our local Smooth-On distributor covering your urethane, silicone, and alginate needs (Brighton).
  • Portland Pottery Supply primarily ceramics, but they stock the US Gypsum line of plasters and gypsum cements (Braintree).
  • Waldo Brothers professional concrete supplies and tools (South Boston).
  • Art Supply stores will carry a small selection of urethanes and silicones.


  • Innovative Polymers urethanes & silicones, good performance / price balance.
  • Polytek have a similar lineup to Smooth-On, with some variations. They used to have student / sample discounts.
  • Amazon carry Smooth-On products.
  • Freeman Supply urethane, silicone, epoxy and other prototyping products. Quote system, not online store.
  • Cheng Concrete countertop casting supplies. Their pro-mix is an upgrade pack for Home Depot concrete. Also tools and admixtures.
  • Concrete Countertop Supply if you want to roll-your-own high performance concrete mixes.
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