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Tooling Supplier Resources

The following is a listing of solid carbide, spiral flute end mill and router suppliers.

High-end cutter manufacturers and places to buy them

  • Vortex Tools
    • Industrial quality. $$$.
    • Nice descriptions of the different styles of cutters and for what applications they're intended.
    • I (Jeff) have purchased a few tools from them after a reference from Woody from Rockler. Will update after I have used them.
  • Precise Bits
    • Source for Ultra-precision collets and collet care cleaner for the Porter Cable router.
    • Based on reference from Woody from Rockler, I (Jeff) have purchased several of their ZrN coated tools. Will update after using them.

Tooling of lesser-known quality and places to buy them

  • North Bay Cutting Tools
    • Source for lost-cost tools
    • I (Jeff) have ordered several tools from this source. I will update based on my experiences.
  • AF Engineering/Faze Tools
    • Faze Tools store
    • Source for lower-cost compression style bit, as well as other cutter types.
    • I (Jeff) have ordered two compression bits from Faze. I will update based on my experiences.
  • MLCS
    • Low cost. Mentioned as a good, low-cost option on a hobbyist woodworking forum.
  • Harbor Freight
    • Very low cost options
    • Carbide tipped router bits WARNING! These bits cannot do plunge cutting. They must be ramped in.
    • Spiral Mortising Router Bits There are high speed steel, not solid carbide. Also, shank diameters appear to be 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2", and we do not have precision collets for 3/8" or 1/2" shank diameters.
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