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(shamelessly copy-pasted from Steve's email by Jfeathersmith)

Curtain Providers:

All the following claim to be clear and code compliant.

These all seem professional. I suspect they will be more expensive than McMaster, but we ought to call for quotes just to check once we have dimensions.


All the curtain providers seem to prefer installing a track. This is non-trivial in our space because the track could not be placed above the beams, which means tracked curtains cannot reach the ceiling. However, jury rigging curtains and building a flap entrance will be more difficult, harder to use, and require more curtain.

I'd suggest using a curtain track and then blocking off the I-Beam space using some thin lexan panels (which manufacturer's claim to be code compliant):

After running some numbers, it looks like tall curtain + flaps and tracked curtain + lexan are about equal in price at 90' perimeter (remember we only need 3 curtain walls, though), with the lexan option getting more expensive at longer distances at ~$5/ft.

I'd recommend going with the sliding curtain + lexan option. It is comparable in price, will provide easier access, not require a custom hanging solution, and look better.

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