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This is a list of the items that Asylum members have access to. Nothing in this category may be used without proper training -- administered by the Asylum. For training and testing information, see the categories in the list of Tool Species (linked from the right sidebar of each tool's page).


List of Tools

Tool Testing

Reserving Time on Tools

Some of our tools, such as the laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC routers, plasma cutters, and silkscreening equipment require reservations for use.

Reservations are scheduled via the Asylum Tool Reservation System. Please see the instructions for using the reservation system, which include links for creating an account and for reserving time.

Tool Listing

To add tools to this listing, you must use the Template:ToolBox in the tool page rather than a direct link to this category.


These categories contain tools that lack various pieces of information:

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