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History stuff

October 18, 2012, I am cleaning out all the old pre-Tyler St todo items on the User:Akb4 page. This is a note to myself to check the wiki history for before this date if I ever need any of it.

Former Spoo File

2010-2011 working notes from the page Akb4spoo, which can now be deleted...

AKB copy to ET:

 We're here to help you be creative. We've got a shop full of tools to use on your projects, classes to teach and inspire, and awesome group activities. 

 We're Artisan's Asylum, a community workshop in Somerville, MA. Not-for-profit and run by volunteers, our mission is to give people access to tools, the skills to use them, and a welcoming community. 

 Need some tools? 
 We've got a woodshop, sewing equipment, a metal shop including CNC mill and welders, electronics workbenches, a bike shop, silkscreen press, and more.   
 Classes we Teach 
 Way more than can fit here. Sewing, Welding, Dancing, Soldering, Fire-eating, Woodworking, about 20 per month, one to four sessions each. Plus parties. 

 And then contact info at the bottom. 
 All on the quarter-sheet diamondplate background.  

ET copy rev 1:

Artisan's Asylum is a community workshop giving people access to learn and 
engage in specialized trade crafts. In addition to instruction, the 
woodshop, sewing equipment, metal shop, electronics workbenches, bike shop, 
silkscreen press, and more are utilized by our members to inspire and 
create. Join us for a class! 

rev 2:

 Artisan's Asylum is a community workshop giving people access to learn new 
 crafts and use our specialized tools. In addition to instruction, the 
 woodshop, sewing equipment, metal shop, electronics workbenches, bike shop, 
 silkscreen press, and more are available to the public to inspire and 
 create. Join us for a class! 

I'm futzing with this on the wordpress site:

Artisan's Asylum is a non-profit community workshop startup in Somerville, Massachusetts. Our mission is to provide our community with a place to teach, learn, and practice crafts of all types. We actively solicit skilled artisans from the local area to teach classes with us (relating either to specific tool use or the creation of a final product), and we have open office hours where members can use all of our facilities and equipment after demonstrating proficiency.

Our fabrication capabilities include but are not limited to precision metal machining, electrical fabrication, welding, woodworking, fabricwork, cooking, painting, photography, jewelrymaking and more. We operate out of two facilities; 561 Windsor St is our 1,000 square foot clean classroom and cooking space, and 13 Joy St is our 9,000 square foot general workshop space.

Artisan's Asylum has currently not opened its doors for open office hours, but will be holding its first set of classes and a series of fundraisers in the month of June. Watch our news posts below for more information!

We're having two exciting events at our new 13 Joy Street location!

Friday, June 18 is our Grand Opening, with potluck dinner, auction, performances, and dancing! Admission will be a suggested donation of $25, which co-incidentally is also our joining fee! See the <a href="">Facebook event page</a> for the entertainment lineup

June 12, noon to 7:30 PM, we'll be painting murals. Over 4000 square feet of fresh white walls for your creative expression. We don't have as much paint or as many brushes as we'll need, so bring some if you can; if you bring a receipt for them, we can give you a tax deduction! For more information, see the <a href="">Facebook event</a>

following not wiki text, just a cut and paste of the donate button scripts...

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[

function validateAmount(amount){ 	if(amount.value.match( /^[0-9]+(\.([0-9]+))?$/)){ 		return true; 	}else{ 		alert('You must enter a valid donation.'); 		amount.focus(); 		return false; 	} }

// ]]></script>

<form id="BB_BuyButtonForm" action="" method="post"> <input name="item_name_1" type="hidden" value="Donation to help found Artisan's Asylum" /> <input name="item_description_1" type="hidden" value="This donation will be put towards founding the Asylum." /> <input name="item_quantity_1" type="hidden" value="1" /> <input name="item_currency_1" type="hidden" value="USD" /> <input name="item_is_modifiable_1" type="hidden" value="true" /> <input name="item_min_price_1" type="hidden" value="0.01" /> <input name="item_max_price_1" type="hidden" value="25000.0" /> <input name="_charset_" type="hidden" value="utf-8" />

<tbody> </tbody>
$ <input id="item_price_1" style="color: grey;" name="item_price_1" size="11" type="text" value="Enter Amount" /> <input alt="Donate" src="" type="image" />

</form>Early registration for memberships can be made using the Google Checkout cart below. A joining fee is required, and after that the membership can be chosen to suit your needs. The membership begins when you say it does, so you can wait until it makes sense to you to start your membership.

<script src=""></script>

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