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This vote is on a motion proposed by Asylum member Sparr regarding how future bylaws revisions will be voted upon. The Election Commissioner for this election is Kristen Stubbs, kristen.stubbs at gmail dot com.

If you would like to discuss the merits of this motion via email, anyone can join the list by sending email to . The archives are viewable via the voters-discuss mailman page.


Who: Eligible Voters

You're eligible to vote if:

You have had a paid monthly membership (at any level) for at least six of the last twelve months (between June 2012 and June 2013, inclusive) with the caveat that institutional memberships receive only one vote per institutional membership purchased by the organization.

What: A Motion Regarding Future Bylaws Voting

At the July 10 Special Meeting called by the Board to discuss the bylaws revision process, Asylum member Sparr introduced the following motion, which was seconded and is now being put to a vote by the membership:

In any bylaws revision votes to be called in 2013, only changes from the current bylaws that have necessary interdependencies will be included together in a single voting item put to the members, while changes that are independent of and separable from each other will be put to separate votes.

When: Sat 7/13 12pm EST - Sat 7/27 6pm EST

Voting opens at noon on Saturday, 7/13, and ends at 6pm on Saturday, 7/27.

Where: Front desk

Ballots are available at the front desk during staffed hours (12pm-10pm Monday-Thursday, 10am-6pm Friday-Sunday).

Why Vote

This is an opportunity for you, as an Asylum member, to help direct how our future bylaws revisions will be approved.

To pass, this motion must receive a simple majority of votes cast. (Unlike in bylaws amendment votes, this vote requires no quorum.)

How to Vote

Voting members may cast a ballot at the front desk during staffed hours on the designated polling days (12pm-10pm Monday-Thursday, 10am-6pm Friday-Sunday starting at noon on 7/13 and ending at 6pm on 7/27).

  1. Tell your name to the front desk staff person.
  2. They will check for your name on the list of eligible voters. If you're listed, they will hand you a ballot.
  3. You must fill out the ballot AT THE FRONT DESK and hand it back to the desk worker.
  4. They will place it directly into the lock box.

Questions or Problems?

The Election Commissioner for this election is Kristen Stubbs, kristen.stubbs at gmail dot com.

  • If you think you are an eligible voter, but the front desk doesn't have a ballot with your name on it, OR
  • If you need to vote by proxy, OR
  • If you have other questions or concerns Kristen as soon as you can.

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