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This vote is to approve a set of changes to the Artisan's Asylum Bylaws. The Election Commissioner for this election is Kristen Stubbs, kristen.stubbs at gmail dot com.


Community Meeting on Sunday, 4/22 at 7pm

We will be having a community meeting on Sunday, April 22, at 7pm to review the proposed bylaws changes. Voting will open at this time.

Who: Eligible Voters

You're eligible to vote if:

  • You have had a paid monthly membership (at any level) for at least three of the months between November 2011 and April 2012 (inclusive) OR
  • You are currently renting studio space (50 square feet or larger) from us

with the caveats that:

  • You have no late balances outstanding (as defined in our Membership Agreement)
  • Institutional memberships receive only one vote

What: Vote to Approve Bylaws Amendments

A group of dedicated volunteers has been having extensive discussions over the past few months putting together a set of amendments to our bylaws, catching errors, and working out some issues to better suit our current organization. We're now ready to present those to the community and ask for you to vote on the package of updates. The current bylaws and the set of proposed changes are available for you to view: Bylaws

When: Sun 4/22 7pm EST - Thurs 5/3 11:59pm EST

Voting opens at the community meeting on 4/22 at 7pm EST. Ballots may be cast until 11:59pm EST on Thursday, 5/3.

Where: Front desk

If you don't cast your ballot at the community meeting, they will be available at the front desk during staffed hours (12pm-8pm, 7 days a week).

Why Vote

In order for the Asylum to apply for not-for-profit-status, we had to submit a set of bylaws, and at the time there wasn't time for a thorough discussion process. This began during the Joy Street days, before Tyler Street was even a gleam in Gui's eye, so our situation has changed a lot -- and we need to update our bylaws accordingly.

We need 2/3 of eligible voters to vote "yes" in order to amend the bylaws.

How to Vote

Voting members may pick up a ballot from the front desk staff during staffed hours on the designated polling days (12pm-8pm, 4/22-5/3).

  1. Tell your name to the front desk staff person.
  2. The deskie will hand you an envelope with your name on it. Inside the envelope will be a ballot.
  3. Complete the ballot and slide it into the lock box under the front desk.

Questions or Problems?

If you have questions about the Bylaws themselves, or the proposed changes, contact Andrew Bressen (bressen at mirror dot to).

The Election Commissioner for this election is Kristen Stubbs, kristen.stubbs at gmail dot com.

  • If you think you are an eligible voter, but the front desk doesn't have a ballot with your name on it, OR
  • If you need an absentee ballot, OR
  • If you have other questions or concerns Kristen as soon as you can.

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