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General notes on delivering basic tool training and testing sessions. See the tool documentation at Category:Tool Species for specifics. Skip orientation material if all of your attendees have already had it. As a tool trainer / tester, members will automatically look to you as an example of appropriate conduct. Please keep in mind that many operations that are acceptable in a home or commercial shop could be setting a poor example for someone who is just learning the tools.

Help:Tools, Training, and Testing



  • Students / members should be registered in our system, having signed our Membership Agreement and Policies and Procedures before stepping food in the shops. Please make sure they have checked in with the front desk before starting the training or test.
  • Take a moment to introduce yourself, what you do at Artisan's Asylum / elsewhere, find out what types of projects they may be interested in, etc.
  • Explain training and testing framework
    • If in a training session review the testing requirement
    • members can test out on equipment only if they already have experience / training somewhere else
    • It is OK to test only on the tools needed at the time

Safety Equipment

  • First aid kits
    • notify maintenance if running low
  • Eyewash stations
    • very expensive to replace if triggered by accident
  • Shop power cutoff
    • kills all machines, which may cause additional hazards
    • only touch in emergency

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Safety glasses, cover goggles, prescription with side shields, or face shields are required when in any shop area, whether working or not.
  • Ear protection
  • Shoes must be worn in any shop area. No one wearing sandals, toe shoes (vibrams) will be allowed to enter any shop area. The minimum footwear must cover the entire foot.
  • Do not operate any item of equipment unless you are familiar with its operation and have been authorized to operate it. If you have any questions regarding the use of equipment, ask the craft area manager.

Usage Policies

  • Machines must be shut off and power disconnected when changing cutters, cleaning, repairing, or oiling.
  • Do not wear ties, loose clothing, jewelry, gloves, etc. around moving or rotating machinery.
  • Long hair must be tied back or covered to keep it away from moving machinery.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the job (i.e., do not wear short sleeve shirts or short pants when welding).
  • Do not work in the shop if tired, or in a hurry.
  • Never indulge in horseplay or tomfoolery in the shop areas.
  • Keep the floor around machines clean, dry, and free from trip hazards. Do not allow chips to accumulate.
  • Think through the entire job before starting.
  • Before starting a machine, always check it for correct setup and always check to see if machine is clear by operating it manually, if possible.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages before or during work in any of our shop areas
  • Check the power cords and plugs on portable tools for damage or fray before using them.

Shop Walkthrough

  1. Woodshop
    • never cut metal
  2. Welding Shop
    • fire, sparks and abrasives live here
    • no wood, no flammable materials
  3. Chemical Room
    • for now, the only room with exhaust
    • anything releasing harmful vapors must be done here
  4. Machine Shop
    • chips and cutting fluids live here
    • no abrasives

Ancillary Info

  • Show storage options: shelf, pallet, studio, flex
  • Review Tidy Space Policy
  • Big refuse goes straight to dumpster
  • Community shop means take responsibility for yourself:
    • leave it clean and better than you found it
    • report issues to maintenance
    • keep an eye out for members who may need help
    • ask for and accept help when you need it

Tool Test Results = Certifications

New Certifications

Email the following information to when a tool test is passed: "NAME has been certified on the following tools: - Tool A - Tool B"

Verifying Certification

  • Stop by the Front Desk if during staffed ours and ask the Deskie to look up a user's tool certification
  • Email front-desk@ with the name of the member you would like to verify status on
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