12 Ton Shop Press

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Tools Formerly at the Asylum.
Harbor Freight 12 Ton Shop Press

General Info
MakeCentral Hydraulics
Mfr. SpecsUnknown
ManualFrom Harbor Freight
Asylum Info

This page describes the 12-Ton Shop Press located in the Welding Craft Area. It is owned by SCUL pilot MisDireX

What is it good for? Disassembling and assembling press-fit mechanical parts.

It is a Central Hydraulics (Harbor Freight) #33497 12-ton shop press. More details below under "Maintenance".


Read the manual first. Although it looks like a simple tool, it can generate a lot of force that can easily damage your work, the tool, and nearby people.


  • Working distance: 3-1/4" to 28-1/4"
  • Width between channels: 16-3/8"
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