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[[Resources: Arduino]]
[[Category: Electronics and Robotics]]
[[Category: Electronics and Robotics]]

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A one-day introduction to the interactive world of microcontrollers


What Is Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source microcontroller board (basically, a tiny computer) and software suite that is exploding in popularity. Widely used, inexpensive and easy to program, it is being used by artists, hobbyists, students, amateur roboticists and inventors -- even professionals have found it handy for quickly prototyping their ideas.

Who Should Take This Crash Course?

  • Students of any age*
  • Artists wanting to add interactivity to their work
  • Software professionals wanting to get into hardware
  • Hobbyists of all sorts: Arduino has been used for everything from piloting RC planes to controlling model railroad layouts!
  • Robot-builders
  • Anyone who wants to bridge the gap between their computer and the physical world
  • YOU!

With two instructors, the class will cater to your personal level of experience.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to set up the Arduino software
  • The essentials of writing 'sketches' (programs) for an Arduino board
  • How to get input from buttons, knobs and other sensors
  • How to use the Arduino to generate output in the real world


Arduino Duemilanove boards will be available for purchase, but students who already own one are invited to bring their own**.

Bringing your own laptop computer (Linux, Mac OS or Windows with at least one available USB port) is recommended; at the very least, you should bring a USB thumbdrive for your work.

* Insurance liabilities restrict the minimum age to 18.
** Arduino-compatible clones are also acceptable, although an actual Arduino (or a clone with the same pin-out) is recommended.


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