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Artisan's Asylum will turn 7 soon - what are we going to do to address the 7 year itch?

h2. Strategic Planning The board of directors is working on a strategic visioning process that will look at our mission and how our operations support the mission.

h2. Facilities Development

  • Shop lead planning
  • Shop leads now have a mechanism for proposing changes

h2. MassDev Infrastructure Grant MassDevelopment has given the Artisan's Asylum a matching grant of up to $100k for infrastructure improvements relating to:

  • Replacing unreliable 3D modeling computers
  • Expanding Digital Fabrication capabilities with laser etching and metal cutting machines
  • Overhauling the front of the facility to make the space handicap accessible and more engaging, inviting and better serve the greater community.

h3. Tyler Street Entrance Redesign The redesign of our Tyler Street facility has a few primary goals:

  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Current access doors are not easily operated or code compliant
  • Improved appearance with storefront windows and new signage
  • Research has shown engaging spaces with welcoming appearences have greater impacts on their communities and receive greater support
  • City support may be available for storefront improvement
  • Street level garage or large scale door
  • Allow access during events
  • Easier access for large art and equipment not shipping by semi-truck

There are several additional benefits that could be achieved at the same time

  • Creating an event space that is segregated from the greater space
  • Currently events require a lot of monitoring to ensure visitors and the facility are safe
  • A separated space could allow us to host private functions as a revenue stream and community meetings and events
  • Additional access from 10 Tyler to 12 Tyler (Building 13/MPR 2)
  • Given the planning and permitting going on the needed analysis and planning might be more affordable
  • Redesigning the bathrooms to relocate the handicap bathroom could allow access from MPR

In fact we are looking to hear lots of ideas. On Friday the 6th members gathered to review ideas and thoughts

While we are looking at making changes As part of our grant application we submitted an initial proposal diagram that laid out some of the design goals, but would have some significant impacts on the space.

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