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Asylasaur Maintenance

The Asylasaur requires regular maintenance and occasional repairs that are above and beyond typical operation.


Optics cleaned by dropping alcohol onto surface with soaked cotton swab then gently dabbing with the dry side of the swap to draw up remaining alcohol and contaminants. Repeat until second swab remains clean after drying lens/mirror. Rails cleaned with wipes until they come up clean. Top and bottom of side rails, gantry should be wiped. Cosmetic cleaning - wipe down lexan panels, vacuum and wipe down bottom of cutbed


Alignment concerns the delivery of the laser to the material and concerns lube alignment, mirror alignment and lens alignment. Each needs to be positioned to direct the beam exactly along the X, Y or Z axis of the machine.

Tube Alignment

The front and rear of the tube are measured for height versus the gantry.

Mirror Adjustment

For each mirror the alignment is found my tracking the laser at two points down the axis of it's reflection, this will display the position of the mirror. If the position is changed the alignment must be repeated.

Mirror 1 and 2 Alignment

The mirrors should be aligned in order to avoid wasted work.

  1. Place a piece of gaffers tape in the beam path after the reflection. This should be on the next mirror mount or somehow connected to the gantry.
  2. Move the tape close to the mirror
  3. Determine where the beam is hitting the tape with a short burst. A cut for 15mm at 8000mm/min will make a good mark without burning through. Remember this as point A.
  4. Move the tape half way further down the gantry and create a second burn, denoting it as at point B.
  5. The axis parallel point on the tape point X is somewhere on the line from B to A on the other side of A from B.
    1. E.g. -X--A----B------C
  6. Adjust the mirror angle and place a new burn on the tape at the further location until the burn is where X might be
  7. Move the tape to the far end of the axis and see if the new burn point C is in the same location as the proposed X
  8. If the burn location is not in the same place repeat the process of tweaking until burns at the near and far end of the range of motion are in the location

Mirror 1 and 2 Positioning

  1. Place gaffers tape over the mirror mount or lens tube following the mirror being positioned and make a burn
  2. If the burn location of the is not in the desired location (left right centered, 3mm above center on mirrors, centered on lens) then positioning of the aligned mirror or the target mirror must be adjusted.
  • The first mirror must be aligned on the X axis with the second mirror
  • The second mirror must be aligned on the Y axis with the third mirror
  • The third mirror must be aligned with the X position center of the lens tube
  1. Both mirrors may need to be adjusted to find the correct position.

Mirror 3 adjustment

Mirror three is adjusted differently.

  1. Remove the lens and lens tube
  2. Detach air assist hose
  3. Place a folded piece of tape in the nozzle as deep as possible without wrinkling
  4. Adjust mirrors until burn is in bottom center of nozzle.
  5. Place spare tube on nozzle or lens tube on nozzle upside down
  6. Tape over top of tube and find burn mark
  7. If burn is not centered on the X axis move mirror higher/lower on cart to move spot right/left by the same amount
  8. If mirror is moved repeat alignment

Bed Leveling

Need a good way to attach pin gauge to cart and roll along bed...

Cutting grid cleaning

Gonna stink.

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