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You can fill this out!
You can fill this out!
====Projects List====
[ Here is the current project list from summer]

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Read all about our Awesomenaut Program on the website:


For New Awesomenauts


Orientation is a 4 hour session and kicks-off the program for the season. The typical agenda is:

  • Welcome from President and Executive Director, Derek Seabury
  • Scheduling and program overview with Member Services Manager
  • Facilities training & first projects with Facilities Manager


Before you arrive for your orientation, same time by registering in our system if you haven't already. Select "Friend/Other" as your registration type (that will make the payment fields disappear from the form) -

What to wear

  • Closed-toed shoes, shop-appropriate clothing (clothes that can get dirty, long pants, no loose or dangly clothes or accessories, long hair tied back)
  • Basic protective gear is provided (safety glasses and gloves, ear protection) but feel free to bring your own if you have it

What to bring

  • Your schedule availability
  • Water bottle

Shifts and Scheduling

Tell us your interests & availability

  • Everyone should fill out this interest & availability form to help us plan group projects and independent projects for your weekly 8 hours. Ideally we'll have a few small groups working based on your schedules and you'll self manage your additional 4 hours.

Manager your own shifts

  • We all use a shared google calendar to tell each other when we'll be in. If you're ready to go with independent shifts, add a weekly appointment to the shared calendar with your name in the title.

How to add and change your shifts

You can fill this out!

Projects List

Here is the current project list from summer

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